Video archive: How to refinish a hard wood floor, put on flashing, and a live performance with Tyler Burnett.

I had a band a long time ago that was really popular locally and we were starting to branch out towards the west coast market. Our touring days only lasted a little over a year and we called it quits. Quintessential band break up, if you will, and we have all grown and become close friends after some time apart. Looking back, we have made some pretty cool memories; I’d much rather focus on the great stuff than any of the unsavory. We all put in a lot of hard work anywhere we could and I know that I learned a lot from the whole experience. Here is a good memory. Thanks Cuthill’s for paying us for this.

This one is us roofing, a total waste of time but maybe it’s worth it. Thanks for everything Greg D.

Here was a new song we were performing for a crowd when we opened for ROy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings.