Video Blog: Stretching to avoid injury!

I have seen quite a few people suffer from the effects of not stretching–I was one of those people. When I started getting serious about playing upright bass (as well as playing a lot of guitar), I started getting terrible pain in my feet, back, arms, and neck. I couldn’t even stand to make it through a gig without suffering. It was at the same time that I decided to call Gary Peacock and ask him about getting a lesson. He talked to me about “Body Consciousness Awareness” and I was baffled on many levels by this concept. One, that it was so simple, and two, that I had never been aware hardly at all of my body.  That conversation with Gary and concept forever changed the way I lived! Instantly I called my friend Pam Kemmick and she hooked me up with the ever so amazing Greg Jahn as a private yoga instructor and he helped me personalize some stretches (that I still use today) that helped me get back on my feet again (literally!). This process of being aware helped me breath, which helped me relax, as well as be aware of how I was standing, sitting, playing, drinking my coffee, and conducting my body on a daily basis. Here is a video of some of the stretches that I do on a daily, if not hourly schedule.  Try them out and remember to be aware of your breathing–it will change your whole gig! Hope you enjoy and if you would like to see more, please leave a comment on this page or my You Tube channel. Also, if you are interested, check out some qualified instructors in your area (don’t just go somewhere, do some research!). Good luck, and Thanks a lot!

I have been getting more serious about stretching and the instructor that I am going to suggests to hold stretches as long as you can (usually 5 min), to release the fascia. It’s a long explanation for another day.