Video String demo between Thomastik Belcanto and Pirastro Evah Pirazzi (weichs)

I recently went to Hammond Ashley in Seattle, WA and purchased a new bass (more on that soon!). I have been using Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto strings for the last two years and so I had them put on my bass when I purchased it. I played on them for a couple of weeks but just felt like they weren’t working on my new bass. As a parting gift from H.A., Bryce (a dynamite guy and player) hooked me up with a local bassist’s album. The album was Jon Hamar’s HYMN. It is a really amazing album, but what really struck me was his sound. The more I played my bass and the more I listened to Jon’s album I was dying to at least get close to that sound. I knew my bass was worthy but I felt like the Belcanto strings were too warm and stiff on it. I emailed Jon (thank you Facebook) and he graciously and promptly told me what strings he uses. I went for it- even though bass strings cost a lot of money- and in a week I had on a brand new set of strings. Instantly my bass was more alive than it had been and with that I felt like my playing came alive, too. These strings help me communicate in a way that I have desired to for years, making each note very clear. Although this can be frustrating for intonation (I work on and struggle with intonation problems frequently) it helps me to work on becoming even more precise. These strings and my bass, A 2002 Roderich Paesold German bass, fit together very well and I am very excited that I have them.

I love these strings because I get a great “jazz” sound but still get a balanced and responsive sound when I play arco. Listen for yourself. I am not dogging on the Belcanto set, I just found home with those Evah Pirazzi strings. I also use Pirastro Bass mittel rosin.