Six months and seven days with out alcohol…Talk amongst yourselves.

Well, I think I had more to say about 30 days with out than I do about six months, but it hasn’t been fruitless. Have I missed alcohol? There have definitely been nights–I mean it–where all that seemed well and good for my life was to have a tasty Bourbon and check out–maybe get a ‘lil weird with my crew–but the feeling thankfully passes quickly. Since the thirty day mark, I have become a lot more relaxed and able to cope with things that were becoming quite troublesome to me, which unfortunately was mostly dealing with people and the stress of everyday life. As the weeks go on I am at no loss at finding things that would suit me well to clean up, mostly on the emotional end of my life. For example: I think a sober mind helped me to realize that I was getting frustrated easily and being short with my son. This was happening all too often (especially as he is/was peaking in his “terrible twos”) and I started to think, “wait…for two and a half years I go to bed excited to see Ezra in the morning and I am treating him like he is a nuisance–totally contradictory actions for how I feel about the guy–granted, a whining kid is probably one of the top three most annoying things on the planet, but this is my kid, I have to be able to handle it!” I am dealing with learning how to have a mature patience when dealing with him, because, what good is it if I then become the child? Really think about that one for a minute. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) It’s much better to thoughtfully, respectfully, and patiently navigate the whining child calmly to their senses. I think this lesson will be handy for many years to come. So, with this epiphany (with some credit to my lovely wife) I am daily more aware of my goal of being a kind, present and more compassionate “father and adult” with my son. So, six months with out consuming has brought a new level of growth to my emotional, musical, and relational life in ways that I am certain would not have been attainable with out having alcohol in my system. Thank God for Club Soda.