Oh, Keef… I am constantly Jealous of you (and inspired).

It all started with me watching the Keith Richards documentary on Netflix (mind blown). Then I read his book and listened to each album as it was discussed in the book, which gave those albums a new life knowing what was going on behind the scenes. (I also listened to his WTF?! Podcast with Marc Maron…twice). You always knew that Keith was a bad ass, I mean, just look at him and listen to those guitar parts! What I didn’t know of was how much he LOVED music. Like, he really treats it like a serious relationship. He honors, respects, and cherishes the tradition, craft, and history of music. He’s a real cat and you can hear all that depth in his playing and singing.

As for the Stones, I think that everyone should treat an album like Sticky Fingers, Exhile on Main Street, etc. like they all came out today. No one touches the Stones, no one ever will. I was a Beatles guy all my life, but I believe that when I needed Keith and their music, I was absolutely ready for it. Keith was one fortunate individual. I am Glad he is still kicking and killing it.