An interesting musical opportunity, for me?

It’s been a long summer (it’s well into the dead of winter now).  But the summer was  spent playing, practicing, and writing a lot of fulfilling music; spending time with the family before our second son came to join us, and trying to relax as much as possible after my senior recital. One irregular thing that started to take shape was me wanting to play guitar again. Like a phantom in my soul, I could hear him playing deep bends soaked in reverb–I finally couldn’t take it. He had lurked in there long enough and I felt like I should let him out.

One day out of the blue a very close friend (Bob Brown; A.K.A. Yoda)  said to me, “you are going to be playing more guitar in the future.” I thought to myself, stunned, “well, that is interesting because I want that to be true.” I had been writing songs and incorporating guitar into my practice routine over the summer months. I was really starting to enjoy it again. I had spent so many years completely immersed in all things bass that I had just weeded it out. Natural selection, if you will.

To make things a little more interesing, I was eating at a new restaurant in town, and this little fortune cookie opined that “an interesting musical opportunity would be approaching”–which I thought was cute, and then came my friends prophecy (I don’t remember the order, either way works for effect). All of this brewing up and around a desire to play guitar, sing, and get myself into the studio and record an album of “singer/songwriter” material that I had been working on heavily over the last year. So I am going for it. I’ve formed two different groups of wonderful musicians to see how these tunes would grow up and in tandem with studio preperation, they are starting to get out of their awkward teen years and into a life of their own. I am excited to see how they continue to mature, with me behind the wheel of the guitar.