One Year with out Alcohol. Whelp, that went by fast…

January 1/20/16
There were no big slip ups or falls off the wagon. No real side effects or feelings of being left out socially. The most amazing thing, and I am not just trying to be hyperbolic, was that I can remember my year quite vividly. Not having a hangover for a year was very refreshing and something that, after the year was over, I dreaded. I dreaded getting back into drinking, because I really do enjoy a lot about it, but I honestly enjoyed my life with out it more.

What I did learn was that I didn’t need it and now when I go out, it’s almost easier to just not have a drink. It is also a whole hell of a lot cheaper to bag the alcohol and stick to something else.

Amended 10/22/2018

In hindsight, what I realized was that I was probably the most productive and creative that I have ever been. I prepped and performed for my senior recital and then wrote my first album and started recording it that fall. I’ve been trying to practice “self control” and that has been a very interesting process.

Although, and this has been quite the topic in our friend group, looking back and reading this I might be able to convince myself that I am better with out it.