Getting some Headspace.

I have recently been meditating and it has been a very good thing. Tonight will be my eighty-first day in a row sitting down and trying my damnedest to be still and centered. It looks different every night and I am okay with that.

I started meditating at the request (after many unheard) from my therapist and coincidently lamenting about my failed attempts at self guided meditations to the amazing Jodie Tenicin after a gig. She mentioned an app that helped her get into meditating. I trust her judgement, and wanted to give my inner desire to meditate a chance, so I tried the ten day free trial and after the third day I could see the affects meditating was having on my life. I bought a year right then. Headspace appeals to my competitive nature in keeping up a streak and seeing a visual of completion, but deeper than that it appeals to me wanting to know and be present with my self, family, friends, and those around me on a deeper level.

So many times I have sat down and aimlessly buffoned my way through my own chattering “session” and dropped it the next day. With Headspace you are able to do guided meditations as well as any length of unguided sessions. I still need and prefer the guided. I can see how it is like working a muscle, but it’s a muscle that seems to have, excuse me, a mind of it’s own.

It may be blaspheme of the practice, but I am convinced that it doesn’t matter what experience you are having: seeing colors, hearing voices, fighting the chatter of your mind, stretching while meditating; It’s all good. You are taking some time out to breathe and search within. It’s far more than I was doing before. I have gained an incredible amount of patience, understanding, self evaluation and inner strength through the process. With the year I have had, I don’t know if I would have made it through with out a therapist and a steady meditation practice. Instead of stepping outside for a smoke at the end of the night or watching my favorite show, I now desire (mostly) to sit down for ten min and keep up the practice.

I have been able to meditate with my wife and share some quite time together, but what has me really happy is that they just issued a single meditation series for kids! Ezra and I have had a great time laying down and meditating for three to ten minutes every so often with each other–making some great memories and hopefully developing some tools for him to navigate his world.

Headspace has a very clean platform and I think that if you give it a shot you will see a big difference in some aspect of your thinking.  Click on the pic for a link to the website.