“Bass Church”

I started “Bass Church” in September to help engage students w/things that I really wanted them to learn, but we never had enough time to do during a private lesson.
The rate at which the students are improving is how I hoped for and I think the pressure of being in a group helps to get the work done with a little competition as well as sharing some camaraderie (and irritation of the teacher).
We are working on warmups like Max’s Magic, Vomit, four note progressive scales and thirds in double stops. I think these take some time just to learn how to get them down for warmups so guidance and repetition is important.

We are also transcribing walking bass lines, learning how to listen deeper to jazz (standards), bass line construction, classical studies in Simandl, and working out of The Low Down for jazz.

We had our first master class with jazz bass guru Bob Bowman last week and Mark Bergman is scheduled for Dec. 9.

Someone great (I’m sure) said that if you work hard, some kind of a door will open. I am very pleased at the idea that my door opening would be working with bassists in this capacity and seeing how this grows the bass culture in Billings and beyond.
Seriously! look at that! I couldn’t be happier that there are this many basses in a room, in this town, all trying to develop their skills on upright bass. I am a happy bass dad.


Erik Olson and Bob Bowman preaching at Bass Church