I always made transcribing too hard for myself. I would spend a lot of time writing it out and transcribing things that were super cool, but way above my skill level and I’d never fully get them down. In the end I had a stack of things that I couldn’t play And that became frustrating.

But, the work of memorizing standards has been a major stepping stone to making transcribing easier, necessary, and applicable. And transcribing regularly also makes the process so much quicker and easier to accomplish. I play my transcriptions regularly, but now I am picking one a week to go through and fine tune to get the notes and feel down.

The main reason for me to transcribe is because I want to internalize what someone far greater than me was creating out of their mastery of the instrument. It’s incredible and only deepens my love and admiration for the art form and the musicians. Also, I sound way better when I apply these gems.

My hope is to make regular (every two weeks or so) videos and share them on my instagram page. So follow along here:

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“One minute transcriptions” 1/? I’ve been transcribing a lot lately and wanted to share some goodies that I found. This is Ron Carter‘s bad ass baseline coming out of his solo on the tune “Impressions” on McCoy Tyner‘s album Trident (Elvin Jones on drums!). I wanted to show the contrast of the process so I added a video from the first time I tried to record this about a week and a half ago. #montanabass #billings #billingsmontana #billingsmt #localmusic #jazz #modernjazz #bigsky #bigskycountry #bigskymontana #bigskystate #daddariostrings #popsrosin #livemusic #localmusic #uprightbass #doublebass #downtownbillings #transcription #parkerbrown #musicians #gig #reverb #talkbass #songwriting #songs #guitar #roncarter #transcribe #record #practice

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