Let the pro’s lip sync…

For a little Sunday fun it’s always good to see your heroes not “selling out” to the evils of the lip synched track on live broadcast. I have watched the video of the… Continue reading

A video from Steve Brown and the Alex Nauman Big Band.

My friend Steve Brown wears many hats and looks pretty darn good in all of them. Steve is a huge supporter of local music in Billings, Montana and we are glad he’s here.… Continue reading

Tuff bag is tough…tuff?..tough!

I have been using my Tuff Bag about three to four days a week since I bought it from Steve at String Emporium in October. This is the new model with extra padding… Continue reading

Jeff Hamilton and the most nervous/excited I have ever been. (Reflections one year later.)

Almost a year ago I was presented with one of the most frightening proposals I have ever been persuaded to consider. The famous, and around these parts infamous, Jeff Hamilton was coming to… Continue reading

First full day and first time playing at SXSW (South by Southwest)

Yesterday I played with C.R. Smith at South by Southwest. I was nervous but excited to play in Austin, TX. The sheer number of bands made me feel pretty insignificant, but at the… Continue reading

First night in Austin

I am going to try and document each day as they come starting today with last nights festivities: We flew into Austin around 5:00 yesterday and I quickly rushed to the baggage claim… Continue reading

I’m heading to Austin tomorrow! How C.R. Smith, Paste Magazine, and HGTV’s International House Hunters made a dream come true

Dipping your hand into the honey jar, putting irons in the fire, shrimp(s) on the barbie. All things describing my musical journey. Ever since my dream of “making it” with my beloved band… Continue reading

My Magic City Music Award and a smack down to my cynicism.

I recently won a local music award for best bassist. Even though the award just says bass, it insinuates that it means “Billings’ best bass player” (right?). Anywho, I wasn’t there to accept… Continue reading

Deleting Facebook

The title sounds harsher than it seems once you catch my drift: I deleted the facebook app (oh my!) from my phone last week. I have to say, embarrassingly enough, that it was… Continue reading

Parker Brown’s Pedalboard; refurbished by Jordan Jeffrey Steingraber

Here is Jordan’s blog check it out; he will do this for you (HE EVEN CLEANED MY PEDALS!): Parker Brown’s Pedalboard. My friend sold me his old Pedal Train board and also set up… Continue reading

My early days in Big Caboose with Marco Castro and Clay Green

This was the first band that I started playing bass for about four-and-a-half-years-ago. In the process of auditioning for this band I learned a lot of what helped me become a “bass player”.… Continue reading

My thoughts on the band Train.

I am comfortable saying that I don’t like the band Train. I don’t agree with what their hit songs are about; or that as musicians, they target pre-teens, teens and middle aged moms… Continue reading

Bass playing with wife and baby. (Pictures are Included.)

There is a misconception out there about wives and children ruining the careers of passionate musicians and artists. I grew up thinking it was true. I had seen my dad dash his dreams… Continue reading

Top Three shreds!

I have watched a few of these “shreds” videos over the last two years and I have to say that I found my favorite one. These are some of the best musicians of… Continue reading

6 months of the Thursday jazz jam at the Garage – My recapitulation.

An interview with our local paper, click to see. Although I don’t remember being interviewed for this I would like to add my own thoughts on why I think this is a great… Continue reading

Do you have the look?

I was recently made fun of from a dear friend, his ammo for the ribbing was over a quote he had read from a magazine. A local band was making their way to… Continue reading

Sky Collide and our new album KNEAD (Buy it now!)

When I was asked over a year ago to replace bassist Jake Frank in the band Sky Collide, my answer was quickly yes; even though  I knew that it would be a time… Continue reading

Bass Chat visits TC

Bass Chat visits TC

I stumbled upon this and thought It would be a good share. 



Jason Jam and Bobby McFerrin walk into a bar…

I had an idea about this: What if you caught two, we will call them “sports fans” and friends, hanging out at a sports bar. Amidst all the bravado, statistics, trash talk, and… Continue reading

Practice makes you feel better…hopefully…you’ll at least be away from facebook for a while…

The best thing that I have learned since January of last year is how to practice. I was meeting with my friend Will Honaker, over xmas break, who is attending McNally Smith in… Continue reading

“Christian” or “Non-Christian”: Biblical evidence God wants people to play well.

This could be a seemingly heavy post and I know that some cats shut off at the mention of God, but hear me out for a minute-this could be good. I was on… Continue reading

For any upright bass player or acoustic guitar player, it has got to be (( HEADWAY )) EDB – 1

I recently purchased a “Headway” EDB-1 For my upright bass. This is the pre-amp that I have been waiting for! I love it! With my SWR “Natural Blonde” and  Fishman full circle bridge… Continue reading


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so, I already talked a little about my time at our Encounter conference last week. and one of the things that’s I’ve been thinking about looking…

Outdoors to make the music better

I recently played a two night Saloon(bar) gig at the Chico Hot Springs “Resort” in Pray, Montana. The greatest part about this gig isn’t the pay, it is the group of guys I… Continue reading

The Trifecta blister and not practicing enough

(Summer of 20/12) I have to admit something: since June, I have not been practicing much at home. There are a few days a week that I will do a little work, but… Continue reading

It’s in the hands

I have seen, over the years, people always searching, talking, and asking about gear. I am sure it’s the same in any profession but in mine it is particularly prevalent. “What amp is… Continue reading

SWR Natural Blonde

I apologize but this is a total gear post. I feel like I have to pay this SWR combo amp the credit it deserves. I have been playing the Natural Blonde for 4… Continue reading

Breaking the bonds of Pop status

The Problem: I believe that if we, as Americans and modern humans, understand that longevity is possible, and a key to generating culture and regrowth as a civilization, then we will put to… Continue reading

Fishman Full circle

The last pickup that I owned was a K&K bass master Pro. I really liked it but I was having trouble with playing at high volumes and getting the sound that I wanted… Continue reading

Jeff Troxel lessons

From the second week in January to the last week in April, I was a student of guitar with Jeff Troxel. I had been wanting to learn to play guitar this way since… Continue reading