Outdoors to make the music better

I recently played a two night Saloon(bar) gig at the Chico Hot Springs “Resort” in Pray, Montana. The greatest part about this gig isn’t the pay, it is the group of guys I… Continue reading

The Trifecta blister and not practicing enough

(Summer of 20/12) I have to admit something: since June, I have not been practicing much at home. There are a few days a week that I will do a little work, but… Continue reading

It’s in the hands

I have seen, over the years, people always searching, talking, and asking about gear. I am sure it’s the same in any profession but in mine it is particularly prevalent. “What amp is… Continue reading

SWR Natural Blonde

I apologize but this is a total gear post. I feel like I have to pay this SWR combo amp the credit it deserves. I have been playing the Natural Blonde for 4… Continue reading

Breaking the bonds of Pop status

The Problem: I believe that if we, as Americans and modern humans, understand that longevity is possible, and a key to generating culture and regrowth as a civilization, then we will put to… Continue reading

Fishman Full circle

The last pickup that I owned was a K&K bass master Pro. I really liked it but I was having trouble with playing at high volumes and getting the sound that I wanted… Continue reading

Jeff Troxel lessons

From the second week in January to the last week in April, I was a student of guitar with Jeff Troxel. I had been wanting to learn to play guitar this way since… Continue reading

“Bass fun” Q and A with a video

Question:  Who might be able to follow a Victor Wooten solo? Answer: Edgar Meyer. Question: Who is able to follow one of Edgar’s perfectly crafted solos? Answer: Ray Brown. Question: Where do you… Continue reading

¡The 90 day Ray challenge!

Alex Nauman and I were recently blessed with the opportunity to play with the great jazz drummer Jeff Hamilton; drummer for Ray Brown and Diana Krall, just to name a few. Both of… Continue reading

Texts from Mom

I have received a few of these wonderful and caring texts from my mom. I will try and remember to post more as they come. I am sure as artists, we have all… Continue reading

A recap and diversion.

I have been a little busier than normal the last couple of weeks, and this week is not going to be different. In week and a half I have played in Wyoming twice,… Continue reading

A Bass history lesson and master class from the great Ray Brown.

If you have time to watch and listen to this master class that Ray Brown put on, you will not be disappointed. I wish that I had the opportunity to study under Ray… Continue reading

Easter Sunday video lesson/sermon. 2 Videos for you

I started today out listening to some blues from Thelonius Monk: “Brilliant Corners” then “Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are”.  The rabbit trail started, as it always does with You Tube, and I wound up finding… Continue reading

Being versatile – Versatile being – Part I: Listening.

As a “professional” musician, I may not be gigging around playing with big names in different towns, but what I am doing is playing with a lot of great people in a lot… Continue reading

Why do you play music?

One of the most memorable conversations I have had was with Bill Honaker over the span of a couple of encounters. It started with a question that he asked his son Will when… Continue reading

Start your day out… with a video of an amazing bass solo from Jimmy Garrison.

At 6:00 A.M. on Sunday the fuzz and scurry of Facebook is at it’s lowest point I have ever seen, and while I warm up my brain with coffee and inspiration, I stumbled… Continue reading

The Wisdom of Anthony Wellington

I recently stumbled upon Anthony Wellington, I don’t know how, I think it was because of something Aguilar. I think that we all can glean from this sort of philosophical approach to music… Continue reading

Bass sensuals from Cristian McBride and a video.

I love it when bassists have a strong connection to the instrument and Christian McBride certainly does. It also helps when he talks about the bass, he has the perfect voice, sounding like… Continue reading

Darn that Dream

This is my first chord solo piece. I am really excited! I started learning it last night and worked on it this morning. My friend Alex Nauman was doing one of these a… Continue reading

Let’s get up to speed.

I figured I would share what developments have happened since I started the S implementations. Here are two S’s that I have been sticking to(more to follow) I have consistently been eating salads… Continue reading


I have been playing in the Rocky Mountain Jazz band for the last two weeks and in rehearsals I am using my fretless Fender jazz/Pbass split. It’s a bass that has a p… Continue reading

My New Sadowsky

So a few posts ago I was in a dilemma about wanting to purchase a rather expensive and foreign piece of gear…The SADOWSKY! Many a friend gave perfect advice, but in the end… Continue reading


Last night was a great night. I was fortunate enough not to have any rehearsals and a new/old friend that is now living in town L.carr was gracious to buy my wife and I… Continue reading

The new S… Sadowsky?

So, I have been practicing a lot lately. Mostly doing arpeggios – anywhere and everywhere I can. On the upright bass, electric bass and guitar. Mostly Minor7 and Diminished Arps. I recently decided… Continue reading

Adding more S’s – Scott Lafaro and Simandl!

Lately I have been practicing a lot of scale work covering every octave on the upright. I am tying to cover all of the basses(damnit… no pun intended) like pizzicato, arco, jazz, classical,… Continue reading

New implementation of the S’s.

I meant to put this up last week but I have been very busy. I signed up for classes at Rocky Mountain College and It looks like I will get what I need.… Continue reading

A little Reggae tribute to Aston “Family Man” Barrett and Bob Marley

Another “Bass Changing” moment for me was when I had to learn how to play some Bob Marley tunes for a Funk band about four years ago. I thought, “this is going to… Continue reading

Tribute to Leland Sklar

I know that typically I put up musings of Double bass but today I wanted to pay homage to Leland Sklar. This man is a diamond in the rough for me. I had… Continue reading

Finally a breakthrough~

So, while I was applying at MSU-B for a performance degree I sent a private college an email also to see what they could offer. My wife and I were contemplating moving somewhere… Continue reading

A Video response to the business ://:

Here is a clip of me playing the piece “Bass Concerto in F Major” by Antonio Capuzzi. It should definitely have a piano accompanist but… what cha goanna do. There are definite intonation… Continue reading