Everything happens to me…

Everything Happens to Me Funny, I woke up today and checked my Twitter account (@browns0und) and Christian McBride (@Mcbridesworld) posted that he was having a little bad luck and quoted this song. I… Continue reading

In honor of Columbus… Freedom Jazz Dance

This is ridiculous! I was inspired from this video – again, I had seen it a long time ago. This is Miroslav Vitous and Stanley Clark tearing up “Freedom Jazz dance” written by… Continue reading

Access denied

Also, I applied to Montana State University Billings two weeks ago. Unfortunately I am unable to get a performance degree from the music department because there is not a teacher to teach me.… Continue reading

Diggin on it.

I have not been slacking by any means. I have actually found some sort of breakthrough. I have finished page 73 and on to 74. I haven’t really played out of the book… Continue reading

Like Charlie Sheen… “Winning”

My playing is starting to gel. I finished exercise d. and e. on Sept. 19 and the exercise below. I have found that by practicing these bowing exercises correctly that my technique strengthens… Continue reading

Slurs, Staccato, sixteenth notes and what they mean to me.

Now, this is where I am coming into some sort of inspiration. I am playing rhythms that I never dreamed of and playing them well. First ex. b. I remember getting back into… Continue reading

Part III… “The Journey”

Alright, So here it is. I started working on Bowing technique. This was super difficult for me because I am not great at Arco and I am not great at reading. I will… Continue reading

My Goodness where does the time go?

I am coming back with some new posts. I have worked my way through some troubled spots in my playing and am back with a new passion. It has been an interesting road… Continue reading

Getting back to business!

Now, I am inspired! I am starting to want to get serious and I am hitting the book… harder. I went through exercise a. and I am glad because I was not able… Continue reading

Electric forces…

I have been taking a break from practicing the upright – which, by the way, makes me sad every time I see it sitting there staring at me… I purchased a new fretted… Continue reading

Writing music and taking a break.

I Started triplet bowing and I also discovered as of 2010 my love for writing music on my guitar. I enjoy so many facets of music and musical instruments that it is hard… Continue reading

The months just fly by!

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I posted last but I can… Okay, I have been practicing quite a bit but it is more for “fun”. I went… Continue reading

The 7th son…

Welly welly well… Started the Sevenths on the 26th and made it to my goal of completing the flats portion. It was fun. There is a cool way to analyze the way the… Continue reading

Sixth sense

So on the exercise I started- which I did a lot on the other exercises that slowed me down a ton! I moved to other positions and ran the exercises. This helps me to learn different fingerings and bowing over different strings. Also learning the notes up the other lower strings. This can be frustrating but eventually none of it will be. I do hope so!

Practice makes…

So It has been a very long and interesting Winter. Since returning from New York on the 21st or so in November, I have had many life changes. So here is what happened:… Continue reading

Quick Lesson Recap with Gary

So this is not as glamourous as it might sound but it was none the less a great experience. My buddy and I left Kingston and drove about an hour to meet Mr.… Continue reading

New York, New York

I landed in N.Y. city around 2:30 in the afternoon with a very quick and painless flight. My friend picked me up and we drove around for a few hours looking for food… Continue reading

To New York I go!

Well… 4:00 A.M. came quickly! I am sitting in the airport gate lobby waiting to board my 6:07 A.m. flight. Pretty soon I will be heading off to The big apple – I… Continue reading


So I thought that I would post this because I think that this is very important to the individual and the music. One of my strong beliefs is that what make us better… Continue reading

Freedom Jazz Dancing…

I have been meaning to tackle this song for a long time – I just don’t think that my reading chops have ever been this good so it made it a lot easier.… Continue reading

Thelonius Monk

Today I finally got to practice. I have been very busy the last two weeks recording and playing gigs. They have all been great and I have learned a lot each time as… Continue reading

Hit it and Quit!

This morning was good – perfect actually because I got up around 7:15 and met some bro’s for breakfast and some Bible reading. After some great conversation I went straight to the Studio… Continue reading

Someone has to be accountable here!

Today was a lovely day so far: coffee with the lady and then to practice. It was a productive session… well sort of. I started off working on the Minor exercises on page… Continue reading

Time off… Lazy or what?

Okay, so I was pretty bad about practicing last week. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me – it was like pulling teeth to get myself to practice the bass. I… Continue reading

GIG night with the Tiny Trio

Man… I just got done with my last gig of the weekend. I have to say it was a lot of fun and I couldn’t be happier with it. After each gig got… Continue reading

Friday at the Babcock

Today was a pretty good day. Finally got my self back to the gym and did some exercise(gotta keep that heart strong). I went and purchased the second F. Simandl book and after… Continue reading

All the things you are

Yesterday I had a lesson (my only student) on Double bass. We have had two lessons this last month and they are great. We start out working on a little Simandl, to get… Continue reading

Big deal!.. to me

So today I made my goal of goals set for practicing. I made it to the Minor Scales and exercises. I also finished the exercises in the VII position. I was hoping to… Continue reading

Not just another Monday

So today I woke up later than I thought because I stayed up too late setting up this blog but after some tea and the word with some close friends I came home… Continue reading

F. Simandl

This is the book of books for me. This is the main book that I long to practice out of. It is almost like it is alive saying, “learn what is in me… Continue reading